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Box Fans For Homebound Seniors In Detroit

Funded on July 4, 2011
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By Sarah M., Detroit, Mi

Monday, June 13, 2011

"Homebound Seniors facing sweltering heat need fans. Seniors living in Southwest Detroit face many hardships, enduring a blistering summer without means to cool down should not be one of them. Help buy box fans for impoverished seniors in southwest Detroit."

Bridging Communities Inc., a non profit serving homebound elders in southwest Detroit for over 30 years, seeks help in providing fans to homebound, impoverished seniors this summer.

Bridging Communities Inc. has secured a donor who will match Make A Wish's potential donation of $50.00. With the total donation Bridging Communities will be able to provide at least 10 additional seniors with box fans to help cool homes without access to air conditioning and fans. These two donations will add to the current fan drive that BCI is conducting.

In the economic climate of cutbacks, downsizes and forclosures our vulnerable seniors are struggling. They do not have the means to purchase their needed prescriptions in the donut hole. They do not have the means to purchase healthy groceries. They often don't have the means to keep up with their water bill. In these bleak situations, they certainly do not have the capacity to purchase a window fan to attempt to keep themselves cool in the sweltering summer weather. Instead they make due with what the can. Many seniors move into their often dark and dank basement as a means to keep cool. Others attempt to find sanctuary by closing their windows completely and drawing the drapes shut. Essentially, they attempt to shut their house to air flow. Neither of these alternative are good ones for these impoverished seniors living with multiple chronic health conditions.

Please help us find a way to bring a little relief to our seniors this hot hot summer.

Bridging Communities Inc. believes that seniors should have the support needed to remain independent and living self determined lives for as long as possible. BCI also believes that every senior deserves quality of life. BCI has been working for over thirty years in conjunction with seniors in southwest Detroit to make these goals a reality.

***Please note that the video link, links to a fundraising video from 2008.

Update #1: We've been funded.

Posted: Monday, July 4, 2011 at 11:36AM

Thanks so much for all your support. Our donor has matched the WishingFund.com's donation and we'll be providing fans to seniors in Detroit within the next few weeks. Keep checking back for updates.

Great work WishingFund and all its supporters!

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